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Manufacturer of Viscose - VISTEX

MEWA Ltd. a limited partnership is a company with over 55 years of experience (founded in 1961) in the production of a variety knitted fabrics and clothing and this above all viscose fabric in the first place.

The plant which is located in Bilgoraj near Zamość is notably acclaimed in Poland and in the world  as the sole manufacturer of the highest innovative and unique quality of viscose fabricviscose silk of natural origin produced on flat knitting machine with registered trademark of VISTEX®.

The production is held with the participation of high specialised and experienced workforce and technical machines in pursuance of strictly determined and precisely replicating conditions of very demanding, difficult, complex and unique technological process.

VISTEX® fabric made of viscose fiber not only combines but also excels the postive aspects of performance parameters such characteristic for three natural fibers: silk, wool and cotton and posseses the advantages certified in health friendly features.

Viscose is too unfamiliar, fantastic cellulose fiber of natural origin and performance parameters of which the most important are: amazing – Hygroscopy; in contrast to silk or cotton fibers, viscose fiber has the outright advantage over them, – Hipoalergy; due to natural, physical and chemical mechanisms (the hygrophilous environment domain, the sorption, the conductivity, the diffusivity, the cappilary conductivity, the heat conductivity and anti-static domain) eliminates the occurrence of direct factors favourable for development of bacterium and allergenic fungus, whereby it is ideal for allergy sufferers, children and medical clothing unlike these made of natural origin fibers or even cotton, – Durability, – Softness, – Mellowness, – Delicateness; it is the combination of features very comparable to features of silk and cotton work in one jersey.

The above-mentioned features of viscose fiber are emphasized  by RELAXATION obtained owing to the technology of knitting viscose fibers on flat knitting machines; this feature consists in the fact that fabric comports itself exquisitely naturally through quite loosely disposing and adjusting
to human body without artificial contortions, skews and undulations (so called “Manners”) characteristic  for the most commonly occuring knitwears produced on oval knitting machines.

The mission of MEWA is exactly this unique specialization in the range of cellulose fibers, sustained for Your own good, because afterward jerseys manufactured by us are very widely applicable to made i.a. night and daily underwear, sport and medical clothing in which accomplished, amazing, unique and irreplaceable performance parameters are concentrated.

Therefore, this fantastic viscose knitwear has become the basis of creation and promotion of our one of the most well-known and recognizable brand of underwears which is in demand in Poland and abroad – Mewa lingerie.

Healthy, comfortable and ecological performance parameters of viscose made of cellulose fibers are reflected in other, well-known underwear collections i.e. feminine – VISTI®, and masculine – James Bradley® and they are also found in women’s wear collection – LOOKat®.

All connoisseurs and users of these brands always choose them due to not only features and properties but also indispensableness because owing to viscose silk they sense soundly, gracefully and comfortable.

Thus, we invite You to become acquainted with other details in range of produced, developed in above-mentioned brands and offered fabric VISTEX® of silk viscose, presented in following tabs:

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VISTEX® fabric is made by prominent and experienced specialists who care about the repeatability of demanding, hard and complex manufacturing process in every single detail.

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High quality

Each stage of production of VISTEX® fabric is under the watchful eye of uncompromising quality control which does not skip any a significant detail which has an effect on the final product.

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Comfort and Health

VISTEX® fabric which is produced is as composed and knitted since the beginning to obtain and emphasize the maximum of possibilites of health friendly certified and relaxing features.

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Dzianina VISTEX® jest produkowana z włókien celulozy pochodzenia naturalnego, które posiadają cechy użytkowe nie tylko łączące w sobie cechy włókien naturalnych jak bawełna, czy jedwab, ale znacznie je przewyższające.

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